Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Designer Crafts At The Mall

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This year started on a high for me with my first exhibition as a Merit Licentiate of the Society of Designer Craftsmen. As a new member we were required to help with the set-up and I really enjoyed getting my hands dirty and getting to have a say in some displays, it's definitely something I want to be involved in again.

I decided to make some completely new work for the exhibition so here are some pics, new jewellers got half a cabinet each so I have two shelves. Trying to make a display stand out in a row of 10 cases when having such little space was hard when I could only carry so much with me on the train/tube but I was pleased with the overall effect of my trusty cork mats.

I displayed new jewellery featuring handmade paper sections cast with vintage patterns, framed in sterling silver and strung on woven paper yarn chains. I experimented with oxidation and was pleasantly surprised, so I matched the oxidised ones with dyed chains.

On my first display I had two brooches front middle, a large fan shaped necklace to the left, a white 3 circle necklace to the right and back middle my grey woven paper neckpiece with silver tassel.

On shelf 2 I displayed two large circle necklaces front middle, black three circle necklace to the left, two of my drop-in necklaces to the right, and front right & left were a suite with stacked paper discs. I really liked the way these pieces turned out and exploring the paper casting that I used at uni.

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