Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Little bundle of joy.

A card came through the post today, telling me I had a parcel held for me, it was a fabric order from the USA I had been waiting for, unfortuntely there was an £11 customs charge to pay!

Nevermind, the fabrics are lovely. The grey and yellow floral print is my favourite and I may have to buy more. The seller also included a extra piece of fabric as a freebie! I would like to reccommend Runner Girl Fabric or view the store on eBay.

I also explored a sewing shop in town and was very pleased to find an Aladin's Cave of fabrics and supplies, I left with a selection of grey, purple and green felt, thread and some purple cotton fabric. Then over the road to Boyes to find they had more felt in than usual and I bought a metre of mustard colour felt, squares of orange, turquoise and white, more thread, more purple cotton fabric and half a metre of heavier weight Vilene. The plan is to make a lobster and crab to follow up on the jellyfish I made last week (both suggestions by my mum, she's great for ideas).

Monday, 3 August 2009

Crafty finds.

I picked up a little something from a car boot whilst in Norfolk this weekend; a lovely vintage handmade tile with a glazed leaf design which looks very 'now'. Here it is in situ on the shelf above my bed with a selection of other things I've picked up from charity shops and car boot sales. The hand painted flower design vase/jar is vintage, as are the glass bottles, the smaller loch ness monster was a present and the bigger one was bought to go with it.
Above is a vintage domed mirror and below on the bed are a pair of cushions I bought recently with a great tree print, only £3 each in the sale at a factory shop.

I love a nice mix of old and new, however handmade will always win hands down when I can afford it.

Fold and Stitch Shop

Fold and Stitch Shop
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